Sales Conditions Consignment

DVC is – as you might presume – always looking out for good paintings, furniture from a certain era, silver, porcelain, tapestry, chandeliers and sculptures.  If necessary, we will sell the totality of a person’s belongings, as often is the case when DVC is appointed (by court) for bankruptcies, matters of custody and heritages.
These things are off course very important for DVC, but not less important are inputs by private persons.

The practical side, if you want to confide goods to DVC, looks as follows:

  1. A first contact with DVC:
    You bring the goods to DVC (preferably after having made an appointment);
    – This is possible every Friday afternoon (2pm – 5pm) and Saturday morning (10am – 12pm) in our office in Antwerp or after having made an appointment
    – In Ghent: every monday between 2pm and 5pm or by appointment
  2. DVC will make an expertise and possibly an estimation of the goods
  3. If you agree with the estimation, DVC will make an order of consignation (a kind of contract), on which you will find your and our details, a – numbered – description of the goods, all that with a possible estimation
  4. Goods can be picked up in all anonymity after having made an appointment (forfait of 100 euro minimum)
  5. The goods will be catalogued : DVC does all possible research or by a specialist in the matter; photographs will be realised by DVC (no charge asked) to illustrate the catalogue and the invitation.
  6. The goods will be exhibited as good as possible during several days of exhibition, prior to the auction(s)
  7. During the auction it’s DVC’s duty to sell the confided goods as high as possible; the seller can by all means be present during the auction to thus follow the sell.  The sales themselves will be – as legally prescribed – written down in a PV by a bailiff
  8. After the auction, the auction house and the seller will settle their accounts, four weeks after the official date of sales.

For these services (estimation and expertise, transportation, selling and settling the accounts) you will pay a commission of 15% and 1 euro per lot calculated on the price obtained during the auction. Transport facilities available starting from 100 euro.

It is clearly also very important for DVC to achieve the highest price possible during the auction since we work on commission.

If you wish to use DVC’s services, you can contact us by phone:

  • In Antwerp on 0032 / 3 / 232 36 64
  • In Ghent on 0032 / 9 / 224 14 40
  • Using this websiteor you can drop by:
  • In Antwerp, Ellermanstraat 36 (every Friday between 2pm and 5pm and Saturday between 10am and 12pm)
  • In Ghent, Zandloperstraat 10 (every monday between 2pm and 5pm or by appointment)