Dominique Van Cappel and Ria Janssens (Brokers – Business Owners)

Expert appraisers of paintings and work of arts.
We arrange client visits in relation to auction advise, appraisals and distributions of art collections.

Arno Sanctorum

Arno graduated as Bachelor in the Applied Informatics at ‘De Karel de Grote Hogeschool’. After a brief career in IT, he decided it was time for a new challenge and endeavored the transfer to the fascinating world of art and antiquities. His thirst of knowledge let him to a path where he was submerged in art history through classes and lectures. He puts in the effort to transfer his knowledge of IT and optimizes the computer systems and software within the company.


Dorien Janssens

Dorien graduated as an elocutionist/speech therapist at ‘Lessius Hogeschool’. For the moment she is dipping herself in several domains of the company to gather a picture of what the auction life is about.

She’s responsible for accounting and invoicing.
When you call our general line, you will probably get Dorien on the other end. She validly is known for her kindness by our clientele: Patiently and pleasantly she answers always willingly your many questions and searches for the perfect custom made solution, despite her busy calendar.

Thierry Vancraeymeersch and Peter Vincke

Upon collection or upon delivery of your goods by our services, you will for sure get to meet Thierry and/or Peter personally. They enjoy justly the full confidence and support of DVC and her clientele. Our customers appreciate validly their efficiency and swift but foremost careful approach. They are known for their reserved, attentive and kind way of working. Thanks to Peter you can sleep like a baby when purchases need to be send overseas. He makes sure that all objects arrive at their destinations in the state they are bought.

Tim Heylen and Annick Boghemans

Tim Heylen is the in-house photographer who images with the utmost care all auction objects. Moreover he strengthens our team with more than twenty years of experience in the art trade and auction industry. His passion and expertise lies mainly in the Belgian art from 1850 till today. Together with Annick, he takes care of the photographs for the online catalogue.

Annick graduated as Master in Commercial Sciences specialized in Informatics Management at ‘Handelshogeschool Antwerpen’. She is responsible for updating, uploading and maintaining the graphic layout as well as content of our website.

Together with Annick Tim makes sure that all goods received at DVC for auction are photographed. Annick then makes sure that all pictures are linked to the correct lots, so that as a result our online catalogue is equipped with footage.

Ingrid Thyberghien and Gülsevim Sözeri

These ladies make sure that all the silverwork that arrives for auction shines brightly! They are also responsible for the orderliness and cleanliness of the company.