Dominique Van Cappel and Ria Janssens (Founders DVC)
Dominique is the art expert as well as our auctioneer. He is often scheduled in home visits where he gives advice, appraisals and helps with distributions of art collections. He also attends our consignment days in Antwerp and Ghent. Ria is our expert in receiving, photographing and exhibiting jewelry.

Dorien Janssens and Arno Sanctorum
Dorien has been a familiar face to many customers for years; from the age of sixteen she helped out her uncle and aunt by keeping an eye out during exhibitions and auction days. Meanwhile, she has taken the regular spot next to the auctioneer during the auctions and is responsible for invoicing and bookkeeping. Arno has been working permanently at DVC since 2018, making him a slightly newer face. His background in technology ensures that DVC stays up-to-date with the ever-accelerating world of online sales. Under Dominique’s experienced watchful eye, he is also learning the tricks of the trade, including that of auctioneer.

Thierry Vancraeymeersch and Peter Vincke
When picking up or delivering goods by our services, you will meet Thierry and/or Peter. They rightly enjoy the full confidence of DVC and its customers. Our customers greatly appreciate their efficient, fast but above all caring approach. They are also known for their reserved, attentive and friendly manner. Moreover, you can speak to one of them while telephone bidding during one of our auctions.

Tim Heylen and Annick Boghemans
Tim Heylen is the in-house photographer who carefully captures all auction objects. Moreover, he strengthens our team with more than 20 years of experience in the art trade and auction business. His passion and knowledge lie mainly in Belgian art from 1850 to the present.
Annick graduated in Business Management with a specialization in Information Management from Antwerp Business School . She is responsible for updating, uploading, graphic layout and information on our website. Together, they are committed to photographing all goods that come into DVC. Annick links these photos to the online catalogue.

Ingrid Thyberghien and Gülsevim Sözeri

These ladies make sure that all the silverwork that arrives for auction shines brightly! They are also responsible for the orderliness and cleanliness of the company.