Lot 870

Lot: 870

PERZIË – vroege 19° EEUW een “hajj”-certificaat met schildering in waterverf en goud (op papier) met de voorstelling van de grote moskee van Mekka en de Ka’ba, gedateerd 1222 (= 1807) – 43,2 x 35

early 19th Cent. Persian hajj certificate with watercolour and gold painting (on paper) depicting the great Mosque with the Ka’ba in Meccaelements and buildings, the four Maqams and Zamzam well on paper or cloth commonly appear on illustrated Hajj certificates (documents which affirm that an identified individual or his/her representative has fulfilled the Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca and su

Veilingdag/Auctionday 6/06/2021
Schatting/Estimation 1300-1600 euro