Dominique Van Cappel and Ria Janssens (entrepreneurs)
Expert-taxator of paintings and art-objects.
Visiting clients regarding advise about auctions, estimations and divisions of art-collections.

Chris Beeckman
Responsible for accounting and invoicing.
If you call D.V.C by phone, you will most probably get Chris Beeckman, our secretary, on the line.  Our clients think of her as friendliness itself: she patiently and pleasantly answers all of your questions and looks for the best solution, despite her over-filled agenda.

Thierry Vancraeymeersch
At the pick-up or delivery of goods by our services, you will see Thierry.  He has the trust of DVC and their clients.  Our customers appreciate his very efficient, quick but most of all caring approach.  He is known for his reserved but friendly way of working.

Annick Boghemans
Has a degree as Licensed in Sciences of Trade with a specialisation in IT-management at the Handelshogeschool in Antwerp.  She is responsible for the updates, the uploads, the graphical layout and the information on the website.