Lot 815

Lot: 815

Ottomaanse Hilya schildering door een Mahmoud student van Ali Al-Baan met een Thuluth scriptuur, een zicht van Mekka en Naksh scriptuur – 77 x 53

A Ottoman Hilya by Mahmoud student of Ali Al-Baan : a single leaf, text panel at the top with the basmallah in a single line of black Thuluth script surrounded by “Allah and Muhammed”. A circular panel depicting a general view of Mecca with Al-Kabaa in the centre. With 11 lines in black naskh script surrounded by Ayat Alkursi in large thuluth script. 4 circular devices extending outwards from this with the names of the Four Rashidun Caliphs, at the bottom of the page, containing another 6 lines black naskh, richly decorated with floral motifs and serrated leaves in colors and gold.

Auctionday 11/12/2021
Schatting/Estimation 400-600 euro