Lot 863

Lot: 863

OTTOMAANSE RIJK – 18°/19° EEUW zgn “jama” : een hemd beschreven met teksten in Naskh en Tuluth verdeeld over het geheel in verschillende panelen, cartouches, cipresvormen – 98 x 108


18th/19th Cent. Ottoman talismanic “jama” shirt covered with text written in Naskh and Thuluth scripts, in assorted colors, arranged in numerous panels, roundels, cartouches, cypress tree forms. The inscriptions include quotations from the Qur’an, invocations to God, attributes of God and prayers. They are written in Naskh and Thuluth of different sizes in different shapes, patterns, mirrored form and reserved against text and in colors of black, red, green, blue and gold. To the centre of the chest area two roundels enclosing two paintings of Masjid al-Haram and Masjid alNabawi each flanked by two roundels of “Allah and Muhammed” on a gilt ground, on each
shoulder a panel with “sura al-Nas Quran 114, sura al-Falaq Quran 113 ” and sura al-Ikhlas Quran 112, surah al-Kafirun Quran 109.
To the backside with a central star composed of verse 13 of surah Al-Saff surrounded by four squares of Kalimaat Al-Tawhid in large Kufic script and six roundels of Allah in Naskh script, further stylised with Quran 36 sura “Ya Sin” with quotations of Quran with attributions to Allah for protection during battles and Arabesque scrolls.

Veilingdag/Auctionday 6/06/2021
Schatting/Estimation 5000-6000 euro